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Rudolf Ortvay International Problem Solving Competition in Physics

The Hungarian Association of Physics Students is happy to announce, the 40th and for the 11th time international

Rudolf Ortvay International Problem Solving Competition in Physics

Date: 22nd October – 2nd November, 2009

The competition is electronic, so you are likely to join from any country on the world if you are a university or PhD student in any field.
The goal is to solve as many from the 30-40 problems given as you can, but maximum 10. Tthese can be downloaded from the web page above in several formats from 11 am (GMT), the 22nd of October, and send your solutions back via email or fax till the deadline, that is 2nd November 2009.
You have to solve the problems by yourself (no group works are accepted) but you are welcome to use any tools you wish (including computers).
The assigned problems do not focus on school-level problem-solving routine but rather on the skills of physical way of thinking, recognition of the heart of the problem, and the appropriate choice in the mathematical armory.
The competitors are selected into categories by their years of study (PhD students also form an separate category), so dear Undergraduates, don’t be afraid to join!

The first three places in each category are rewarded by a certain amount of money and an official certificate signed by the president of the jury, a well known university professor in Hungary, and the president of the Hungarian Association of Physics Students.
Above this, the jury also rewards the best solutions to certain problems, and there are also some special prices given, so if you only have one or two problems solved, its still wise to send them.
During the past years prizes won in the Ortvay Contest became an ever more important factor in choosing the best candidates for thesis topics as well as PhD and student exchange scholarships.

Among the one-time contestants and winners of the Ortvay Contest there are several internationally acknowledged researchers.
If this made you curious, take a look at the problems, and you are welcome to participate!

All the best with Your work!


25th International Conference of Physics Students, 2010

August 17, 2010 to August 23, 20010

The XXV ICPS will be hosted by NC Austria in Graz, Austria.  Online registration for this will be opened on February 1st, 2010.

For more information including conference details, a proposed timetable and to keep up-to-date, visit the website at:


New EC 09/10

The new EC was elected at IAPS 2009 AGM in Split, Croatia.  It is composed of students from 9 individual different countries. More details can be found on the executive committee page.


Hungarian bid for 26th ICPS 2011

At the 2009 IAPS AGM, NC Hungary was voted as the host for the XXVI ICPS in 2011. The event will take place in Budapest, Hungary where it has already taken place twice before, in 1986 and 2002.


24th International Conference of Physics Students 2009

August 10, 2009 to August 18, 2009

The XXIV International Conference of Physics Students was held in the beautiful historical city of Split, Croatia based at the Faculty of Engineering, Electric Engineering and Naval Architecture (FESB), University of Split.  The conference involved about 450 participants from 30 countries around the world, 99 student lecture presentations, 55 poster presentations, 7 guest lectures including one from nobel-prize winner Klaus von Klitzing, 9 medical emergencies and 4 police interventations!

The social programme was very eventful and consisted of a welcome party, Croatian party, National party, costume party, surprise party with entertainment, two nights out, a city tour an excursion with 7 different places to choose from, a farewell party and much more.

The official website is and contains more information on all of the above along with some videos, clips from the Croatian news and articles from the Croatian papers. The survival guide provided for the conference can be found here.

Many people from the conference have put up pictures and videos from the conference on facebook and two groups have been created for all past and present ICPS participants: “International Conference of Physics Students”  and “IAPS” .


Gravitation and Fundamental Physics in Space

GPhyS “Kick-Off ” Colloquium

Les Houches, 20-22 October, 2009

The Gravitation and Fundamental Physics in Space “Kick-Off” colloquium is the first of a series of annual meetings organised by the GPhyS, a federation of 12 laboratories focussing on theoretical and experimental gravitation and fundamental physics, with emphasis on space applications (see the GPhyS website for details). The GPhyS is coordinated and financed by the Paris Observatory for the period 2010-2013. Amongst other activities it will organise an annual colloquium, following those organised by the CNRS group GREX (Gravitation et Expérience) from 1995 to 2006.

More information on:


Last chance to register for International Balaton Summer School in Physics

Dear Students,

There’s only one week left from registration!!!

The Hungarian Association of Physics Students organises the International Balaton Summer School in Physics.The school aims to introduce the most recent results in five areas of physics:

Astrophysics: The section presents cosmology and extragalactical astrophysics. The topics will be about gravitational waves, super-massive black holes, astrophysical observations and inflation as well.

Biophysics: The section is grouped around biological motion: molecular motor proteins, cellular motion, organ and tissue development,biomechanics, population dynamics and collective motion.

Condensed matter physics: The section shows the diversity of the condensed materials in a wide range of their research and use.Lectures will be about interacting systems, carbon nanotubes, graphene, superconductors and dislocations.

Statistical quantum physics: The section presents the theoretical background of quantum optics, the quantum statistical description of fields, the quantum dynamics of open systems, the interaction of radiation with matter and the quantum statistics of matter fields. These include laser cooling and the Bose-Einstein condensate as well.

Particle physics: This section introduces the Standard Model of particle physics and the experimental instruments.The topics will be about experiments at the LHC, the results of heavy ion collisions up to now, and the physics beyond the Standard Model.

Registration and detailed program on

More information:The school is located at Balatöngyörök, Hungary (at the shore of the beautiful Lake Balaton).

The date of the Summer School: July 5-12.There will be 5 days with lectures. The final lectures every afternoon will be common plenary lectures,where all of the sections will provide an overview of their most interesting results to everyone.There will be 1 free day, when we organise trips to the beautiful surroundings (Keszthely, Tapolca, Kis-Balaton, …).

Participation Fee: 180 Euros for IAPS members, 200 Euros for non IAPS members.The price contains the accommodation for 7 nights, breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole week,the use of the sport facilities, the entrance fee to the beach and the price of one excursion.Here are some information how you can become an IAPS member .

Registration deadline: 29 June

Questions are welcomed at .Best regards,The organisers


Balaton Summer School in Physics

Dear Students,

The Hungarian Association of Physics Students gladly presents the Balaton Summer School in Physics.

The speciality of our Summer School is, that there will be five topics from physics simultaneously. Lectures will be held from Astrophysics, Biophysics, Condensed Matter Physics, Particle Physics and Statistical Quantum Physics every day.The lecture will go on simultaneously, however all of the sections will provide a general overview of their most interesting, recent results to everyone.

The lecturers are well known Hungarian researchers, and the participants come from all around Europe, so the language of the lectures is English.

Not only lectures will be on the summer school’s program, but excursions and socialising events as well, including sports, parties, etc. The destination of the excursions will be beautiful places in the region, like Keszthely, Tapolca, Kis-Balaton, Badacsony.

We expect 30 participants for every section, so you can spend these days in an international environment with about 150 people altogether.

We recommend the Balaton Summer School to everyone, who would like to learn about exciting and most recent findings in physics, who would like to get to know students from all around Europe and spend 7 memorable days in this this inspiring and refreshing environment.

More information on .

Please register as soon as possible! Best regards, The organizers


The 55th International Student Conference in Japan

Dear IAPS members, the following is a message from the organizers of the 55th International Student Conference in Japan:

Date: 26 Aug – 6 Sep (Study Tour – 26~29 Aug, Main Conference – 30 Aug ~ 6 Sep)

Place: Study Tour – Kyoto or Osaka or Kobe or Okayama or Kyushu

           Main Conference – Tokyo

Program: discussion, Japanese culture experience, culture presentation, sightseeing in Tokyo, company tour, welcome & farewell party, homestay, etc..

Participants: 40 Japanese students and 40 foreign students (from more than 20 countries!!)

Fee: 30000JPY (for both Study Tour & Main Conference)


We’re preparing many kinds of program for you to make a lot of good memories in Japan!!  During Study Tour, you can stay at Japanese students’ house and go to nice places in each city.  After Study Tour, you’ll move to Tokyo and meet all the participants. During Main Conference, we’ll have discussion, go sightseeing in Tokyo, visit a company, experience Japanese culture, hold parties… you can do many things with various people.

Make a lot of friends in ISC55!!

We’ll update an application form on 20 April ( The first deadline is the end of May.

Check out our homepage!!

If you’re interested in ISC55, contact us!!


Waiting for your applications 😉


Saori Okawa

International Negotiation Staff

the 55th International Student Conference


Registration for ICPS 2009 Now Open

To register for ICPS 2009, Split, go to