jIAPS Monthly Photography Competitions

Happy Mars Day for 7th March and Happy Pi Day for the 14th March!This month’s theme for the jIAPS Photography Competition is anything related to pi, pies, Mars, mars-bars or food in general.

We would love to see your photos – just email us at jiaps@iaps.info, tag us on social media or post your photos in the #photos channel of the IAPS Discord. You don’t have to be a current physics student to enter.

As well as the monthly themes, jIAPS always enjoys seeing Physics-related photos, including photos of events organised by IAPS and other Physics societies. You can see some of the best photos of Physics events here.

Previous Photography Competition Winners:

February – Something you enjoy or love; or a photo of a physics event

Winner – 🇬🇧🇮🇪 Patrick Dalton

PAMSOCPlankers (Patrick, Tim, Megan, Tiarnán) from Queen’s University Belfast enjoying the UK/IRE PLANCKS Prelims.

JanuaryNew Year’s Resolutions

Winner – 🇩🇪 Mario Gaimann

An IAPS Treasurer’s Resolution to spend more time outside and less time in front of the ledger.

DecemberPhotos of the festive season

As it was Christmas this month, we had two winners:

🇬🇷 Cleo Vasilikou

Merry sunny Christmas everyone!! Cleo shared this beautiful picture on Christmas Day from a small village next to Danube in Hungary!

Cristina Balsells – Photo of a Physics Event

The first NC Spain governing board in-person meeting after the pandemic.

NovemberThanksgiving (either the celebration, or something you are thankful for); preparations for winter/summer; or November.

Winner – 🇬🇧 Sophie Gresty

Thankful for: Fun Physics Outreach
Each year our university student scout and guide organisation host a science jamboree in conjunction with the university and this year I mentored a group to deliver an activity and then delivered some myself. We delivered some magnetism activities to five Cub units (groups of 8-10 year olds) I was delivering mag-lev pencils.

October Halloween/Oktoberfest/October-in-your-country

Winner – 🇲🇰 Evgenija Pandova

October-in-my-country meant meeting lots of lovely people at the 2nd Physics for Physicists (P4P) Students Conference, Skopje, Macedonia,
organized by the Macedonian Physics Students Society