How to join

IAPS is always welcoming new members. Any undergraduate or postgraduate physics student from any country is encouraged to join IAPS. Join our Discord server now for free to see what we are doing and get involved.

There are three types of membership of IAPS: Territorial Committee (TC), Local Committee (LC) and Individual Member (IM). To find out which type of membership applies to you, please read on.

If you are a physics student in a country or university represented by an TC or LC, you can join that committee and you will become an IAPS member automatically.

See the List of members to check if you have an TC or LC you can join. If this is not the case you can apply as an IM. If you are a board member of a local or national student association or about to form one, you can contact us at to learn how to get involved in IAPS.

If you are interested in forming an TC, see the description on how to create an NC. Such a committee can be formed by a handful of interested students or by joined forces of local committees or student groups in one country (or a group of countries).


If you want to apply to become an TC or LC of IAPS you need to fill in the correct form, either the TC or LC form, as stated below, and send it to Alternatively, you can contact to express your interest and clear your doubts. After you have been in contact with the Recruitment Manager, the Executive Committee (EC) will vote on your application during the EC meeting that follows and, if approved, you will become a probationary member. The next step is to pay the membership fee, about which you will be contacted by the Treasurer. You can find instructions about the fee on How to pay the fee? As a probationary member, the students who are part of your TC or LC can attend IAPS events and participate in IAPS Working Groups (WGs).

If you want to apply to become an IM, you need to submit the information as stated below. After reviewing the application, you will be informed about the payment of the membership fee. Individual Members gain the status of probationary membership upon payment of the fee. As a probationary member, you can attend IAPS events and participate in IAPS Working Groups (WGs).

All membership applications are submitted for final approval and official ratification at the General Meeting that follows the time of approval by the Executive Committee, and, if approved, you become a full member.

For information on all the obligations, rights and procedures as a member and about IAPS you can check the Charter and Regulations.


A Territorial Committee is an association representing physics students whose membership is open to all physics students in a given territorial physics community. An TC has seven votes at General Meetings (GMs) and has to pay an annual membership fee.

TC Application Form: PDF

Local Committee (LC)

A Local Committee represents all the physics students from one or more universities, cities or from a geographical region within a country. An LC has two votes at General Meetings (GMs) and has to pay an annual membership fee.

LC Application Form: PDF

Individual Member (IM)

An Individual Member studies physics or a closely related area at a university that is not represented by a National or Local Committee. All IMs from one country have one vote together at General Meetings (GMs). To become an IM, send an email to and fill in the Membership Form.

You will then be contacted about paying the membership fee of 10 Euros.