Physics league across numerous countries for kick-ass students (PLANCKS)

PLANCKS is an annual international physics contest for bachelor- and master students. It’s usually a three day event and can include in addition to the competition itself social events like a symposium, excursions, parties and the award ceremony. PLANCKS is arranged by different IAPS member committees.

Participants of PLANCKS compete in teams consisting of three to four members and they have to answer very difficult physics exercises. Some countries are currently organising a preliminary for PLANCKS and the winners of these preliminaries will participate in PLANCKS, in other countries people can show interest and the participants will be selected by a random number generator.

The intention of the competition is to increase international collaboration, social activities and personal development of individual contestants. By gathering physics students from different parts of the world, a setting to exchange ideas and experiences and to challenge each other is created.

The general rules of PLANCKS can be found here.