jIAPS is the journal of IAPS, which features physics related articles written by students for students. jIAPS is published once a year and distributed for free during ICPS. Any physics student who would like to publish their article in jIAPS can send the editors an email at jiaps@iaps.info. You can find all the previous issues of jIAPS below.

There are many ways to get involved with jIAPS, such as writing a scientific article for the jIAPS Article Contest or submitting a creative piece for the jIAPS Creative Competition. The 2022 editions of these competitions will be announced in the next few months.

One way you can get involved now is to join the jIAPS Staff. Email zlatan.vasovic@iaps.info if you are interested.

2021 issue:
2020 issue:
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jIAPS Issue 1 2011 (low quality, 3 MB)

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