Join a Working Group!

Volunteering and gathering experience in student associations is getting increasingly popular as a way to improve the world while having fun – and even getting something useful to have on your CV whilst looking for your first job. You can be an enthusiastic beginner, a self-made pro looking to share knowledge or something in between. What is important: to have an open mind, good work ethics, and the will to help and learn by doing.

Your Executive Committee wants to implement a lot of fun & useful initiatives and needs your help. If you feel you have what it takes, apply to one of our working groups.

Here are the 2022-2023 working groups: Outreach, Events, External Relations, Finances, IT, IUPAP AC5 Council, Membership & Advocacy, PRRecruitment, Strategic Committee and History of IAPS.

Be a part of IAPS! Become a volunteer 😉