Events Working Group

One of the biggest part of IAPS is the Events it organises and promotes. Most of us met IAPS through one of these events and it is these events that keep bringing physics students from all around the globe together.

As an Events volunteer, you could help keep track of these events, either organised by our national or local committees or interesting for the IAPS community.

If you prefer to be on the organising end of an event, you could also work on helping IAPS organise its events, such as iaps2CERN. This includes, for example, finding accommodation and transportation for the participants during the events, keeping track of the several activities for the duration of the event as well as of the several international participants.

What do you think? Would you like to work to improve and increase IAPS events? If so, contact with all your questions, doubts, preferences and interest in being an events volunteer!