Finance Working Group

In order to make our year-round events possible and offer financial resources such as grants to our members, IAPS needs to raise funds and allocate this funding to projects wisely. This makes the role of the Finance Working Group central to the operation of IAPS as an organization.

Call for 2022/23 Finance Working Group:

The IAPS Finance working group is in charge of the financial activities of IAPS. Our activities are diverse: We calculate and collect membership fees, create a budget for the next term, award grants, reimburse expenses for IAPS and engage in fundraising. This is an excellent chance for getting experience with funding projects which will also help our LCs and NCs on the ground getting more of their ideas brought to fruition. Working group members can individually choose what they would like to focus on.

Why should you join and what you should expect?
  • Its fun! 🙂
    • A motivated, international and diverse team that is driven by contributing to the global voice of physics students.
    • Open-mindedness and a pleasant environment where you can share your ideas.
    • We talk about things that went wrong openly and are transparent.
    • We are flexible in terms of how much everyone can contribute – if you have exams or are busy at some point, this is not a problem.
    • We are reliable, responsible, and professional
  • Innovation! 🙂
    • We will work on making the IAPS Treasury efficient and modern!
    • We will use modern IT tools to make our lives easier
  • Acknowledgement! 🙂
    • You will receive a certificate signed by the IAPS President to get your work recognized.
    • You will be listed with your role on the official IAPS website.
    • You can use it for your CV!
  • Perks 🙂
    • You will get the chance to attend events of IAPS and its partners around the world.
    • You will get the chance to become the next IAPS Treasurer!

Interested parties can apply by email to 

Finance WG members will be recruited throughout the year as needed, so don’t hesitate to apply whenever you read this!

Workload in the group will generally be flexible, but one should expect to attend at least one meeting every 4 weeks.

2022/23 Finance Working Group Members:

WG Chair – Mario Gaimann

Accounting Officer – Péter Lőrincz

Grant Officer – Borko Popović

Membership Fees Officer – Max Peters