Outreach Working Group

Are you passionate about science education and outreach? Do you want to be the change you wish to see in the world? Then welcome aboard to the Outreach Working Group!

The Outreach Working Group aims to spread the joy of physics to students around the world. Outreach is crucial to the growth of IAPS to progress towards an engaging, diverse, and inclusive organization it aspires to be.

The Outreach WG manages educational and informational events for physics education and outreach at an international scale for physics students.

We wish to work on increasing engagement within IAPS so that it becomes a strong support group for physics students where knowledge exchange continues every day beyond events.

Students awestruck by a cloud chamber:  School Day 2019, LC Milan
  A student solving the graphite maze while blindfolded:  School Day 2019, LC Noida

This year, the primary objectives of this working group will be:

  • To support and assist member committees in the organization of IAPS School Day
  • To scale up International Day of Light activities in IAPS, building effective collaboration with UNESCO
  • Building an ecosystem of outreach events from the member committees and proposing new IAPS outreach events.
  • Work with our partners like IUPAP on initiatives like Physics Education.
  • Working to establish science communication in IAPS, through initiatives like an IAPS Podcast

These are just some of the initial ideas, but we can’t wait to hear what you have to offer. With all of our diverse backgrounds and lived experiences, we’re sure there are many exciting inputs from our members that can become our shared experiences!

If you are interested in joining this Working Group or would like to find out more, email the Outreach Manager, at outreach@iaps.info. Always up for any ideas, brainstorming, or insightful discussions!

There are countless ways for you to be involved. This is the working group for you if:

  • you are passionate about or have experience in outreach initiatives
  • you have the creativity needed to design effective outreach events
  • you are passionate about science education and communication

Note that although experience is desired, it is not necessary. It is the pursuit of scientific wonder and the urge to share it with others that fuels this group.

You can join anytime throughout the year (but why wait?). There’s so much to do in this collective mission to educate, cultivate and illuminate!