2/2010 issue of jIAPS is online

IAPS celebrates its 23rd birthday this year, and in the edition of jIAPS  that can be downloaded from here, Jim Grozier tells us about his experiences in managing, and trying to organise, the archives of our association. In this issue we continue the tradition of publishing articles from IAPS members on various topics in physics, as well as reporting IAPS news. The topics covered this time are semiconductor lasers and terrestrial gamma ray flashes, along with an article on the Large Hadron Collider by one of the participants of the CERN trip that took place in March this year. As always we are looking for new articles and ideas, so don’t hesitate to contact us at
jIAPS Editors

Bid for ICPS 2012 from the Netherlands

The study associations A–Eskwadraat from Utrecht and S.V. Arago from Twente are bidding together to host ICPS 2012.
They present their bid on


Nanogeneration, bringing a dream into reality

The international Nanoscience student Conference – INASCON will take place from 20th August through 22nd August 2010 at Baarlo, Netherlands. The conference has been successfully held in Denmark and Switzerland for three consecutive years. The goal of the conference is to attract Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level students from around Europe in order to facilitate scientific collaboration and interpersonal interaction. The students in attendance  will be offered a snapshot of the current state of the art in nanotechnology. Students will present their own work (poster/talk) as well as listen to lectures from leading scientists.  It is great way to exchange experiences and to get a view on what is happening in Europe.

The conference is being supported by the MESA + Institute of Nanotechnology in Enschede.
For registration and other information, please visit: For any further information, you can send a mail at:                    .
The registration deadline is 1st August, 2010.  You can also present your poster or can give a talk for 15 minutes (including question-answer session). Last date of abstract submission for the poster/talk is 6th August, 2010.


jIAPS 1/2010 is online

The new issue of jIAPS in over a year can be downloaded here (10MB).
With contributions from all over the world the issue includes
highlights from ICPS 09, an account of how to perform experiments in
low gravity from Joshua Fuchs (USA), the physics of the aurora from
Ania Sokulska (Poland) and the physics of paper planes from Ali
Farnudi (Iran) as well as musings from the editors on topics as diverse
as self heating chocolate and optical illusions. The (not so) new EC
introduce themselves, their hobbies and their favourite formulae. We
hope you enjoy this issue.

If you would like to see more jIAPS then we are always looking for
contributions, email to

Once again, enjoy,

The jIAPS editors


Balaton Summer School in Physics 2010

The Hungarian Association of Physics Students organises the International Balaton Summer School in Physics.
The school aims to introduce the most recent results in four areas of physics:

Astroparticle physics: The section includes an introduction to general relativity, and then will move on to star models, gravitational waves and observations in cosmology.

Energetics: The section will revolve around answering the energy problems of the 21st century. The thematics will be fuels, plasma physics and fusion, and generation IV reactors.

Medical physics: This section will present applications of nuclear physics, in medical sciences. You will hear about PET, CT, MRI, irradiation linear accelerators, gamma knife, 3D nonlinear microscopy and more.

Self-organisation and networks: This section will introduce game theory, networks and graphs and their use in social and collective phenomena, and also the collective motion of self-propelled particles.

Registration and detailed program on

More information:

The school is located at Balatöngyörök, Hungary (at the shore of the picturesque Lake Balaton).
The date of the Summer School: July 11-18.
There will be 5 days with lectures. The final lectures every afternoon will be common plenary lectures,
where all of the sections will provide an overview of their most interesting results to everyone.
There will be 1 free day, when we organise trips to the beautiful surroundings (Keszthely, Badacsony, Kis-Balaton, and a castle and cave tour.).

Participation Fee: 100 Euros for IAPS members, 180 Euros for non IAPS members.
The price contains the accommodation for 7 nights, breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole week,
the use of the sport facilities, the entrance fee to the beach and the price of one excursion.
Here are some information how you can become an IAPS member .

Questions are welcomed at .


Call for bids – ICPS 2012

Dear members of IAPS,
We are waiting for your bids to host the 27th International Conference of Physics Students (ICPS 2012).
Please send your application to the EC e-mail address (
All bids should take into account the charter (article 19) and regulations (article 9) of IAPS.
See also here.


Jiaps: A new issue is coming

Jiaps, the journal of IAPS will have a new issue soon.
It is nearly two years since the last issue of Jiaps was produced. But now is a new issue, prepared by a team of 3 motivated editors and half a dozen authors, finished. We should be able to present it here within the next weeks.


International Student Workshop on Laser Applications (ISWLA10) 25th-28th of May ’10

The purpose of ISWLA’10 is to extend the knowledge level of the attendees regarding the most recent results in laser physics, the new projects supported by EU, the development of pan- European ELI project – Extreme Light Infrastructure – delivering a pulse of 200 PW. The conference topic has a very large application spectrum: medical field, biology, material science, X-Ray Radiography, etc.
We invite undergraduate and graduate students, PhD students, young scientists up to 35 years old from different scientific areas, interested in lasers and applications to promote inter disciplinary – collaborations.

More details about the ISWLA10 Conference on:


Registration for ICPS 2010 opened

It is now possible to register for the International Conference of Physics Students 2010. This years event will be held in Graz, Austria.
Registration is done online via .
Until now are approx. 200 participants registered.


A spanish Conference of Physics Students

There’ll be a Conference of Physics Students in Spain, the information we got from the organisation committee so far says that:

The conference will consist of a series of lectures given by distinguished physicists. In addition, the students participants will be able to expose their scientific works, developments of practices, reviews of scientific publications and more, in meetings of 15 minutes or in the form of a poster, under the teachers’ attentive supervision of the different departments of the Faculty of Physics. We will give public and scientific awards. One of the guest speakers of the conference will be Kip S. Thorne, current Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics at Caltech and one of the world’s leading experts on the astrophysical implications of Einstein’s general theory of relativity.
Other guest speakers: Álvaro Giménez, director of Astrobiology Center and Science and Investigation Center of ESA. And Francisco Sánchez, director and foundator of Institute of Astrophysics in Canary Islands.

Start: March 19th 2010
End: March 20th 2010

University of La Laguna, Canary Islands, Spain
Register fee: 7€
Register deadline: 26 February