New jIAPS!

Issue 2-2008 of the journal of the International Association of Physics Students has been released into the wilds of the internet. This issue features an interview with noted astronomer Sir Patrick Moore, a series of connected features looking into the strange world of quantum physics and gravitation, news of São Paulo’s own private ozone layer, and much more.

Like last time, in addition to hosting the journal in pdf format here, we have also put it up on Issuu. Issuu is designed to make reading magazine-type material on the internet easier and quicker. For a start jIAPS looks just like it would on paper: you can flick through the pages, and zoom as needed.

We like it, and we hope that you do too.

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IAPS / Mafihe Summer School- Nanophysics, Gyenesdiás, Hungary

The IAPS/MAFIHE summer school on nanophysics took place in Gyenesdiás from 7th-14th July.  30 students attended.

Lectures were given in English by well known Hungarian scientists, coming from the universities in Hungary and the Central Research Institute of Physics. Participants had the opportunity to visit the city and Festetics mansion of Keszthely, go hiking in the mountains around, relax on the beach and visit the world famous thermal lake Héviz.

Photographs are available here, it seems a good time was had by all.

The webpage and poster for the summer school contain more information.


AGM 2008 coming

AGM 2008 has been called. Please see the AGM section on this website.

Update-  a new version of the audit of 2006/2007 is now online, as is an explanation of the proposed EC structure for 2008/2009.

NC Austria have submitted a bid to host ICPS 2010.   See the ICPS 2010 bids page for more information, any other bids will be added as they are received.

Events Past Events

International Young Scientists’ Conference on Applied Physics, Kyiv, Ukraine

IAPS’ LC Kyiv, the Association of Physics Students of Kyiv National University (APSKNU), invited IAPS members to register for the VIII International Young Scientists’ Conference on Applied Physics. The conference has been held annually in June since the year 2000 and is aimed at physics students and young scientists.

The conference was held from 11th-13th June.

APSKNU includes the Young Scientists’ Association of RadioPhysics as well as students from the local Physics Department.

The website for the conference was here.


New jIAPS online

A new issue of jIAPS is now available. Highlights include an interview with Nobel Laureate Gerard t’Hooft, articles on student parabolic flight, the relationship between Kepler and Gulliver’s travels, the Biefeld-Brown effect and much more besides.

The closing date for the crossword competition is 1st July. The winner will receive a copy of ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’, edited by Stephen Hawking.

We are always looking for volunteers to contribute to future issues of jIAPS, so if you would like to write an article, please let us know.

If you wish to comment on this issue, state your (dis)agreement with the authors’ opinions, or tell us about anything you think is of interest to physics students today, you can send letters to the editors on jiaps (at) iaps . info.

This jIAPS is also available in Issuu form.


SNEF in Peru and ISC in Japan

In addition to ICAP and ICPS 2008, IAPS members are invited to attend two more conferences this summer.

The organisers for the Simposio Nacional de Estudiantes de Física, to be held in Lima, Peru, have kindly allocated a few places for IAPS members. SNEF takes place from 18th-22nd August, just after ICPS. More information is available on the SNEF website. If you would like to attend, please email ec (at) iaps . info

You can also attend the 54th International Student Conference in Japan. This starts with a study tour of a few cities, before the main conference gets underway in Tokyo. ISC includes discussion on a variety of topics and runs from 31st August to 12th September. For more information please see the ISC website or email isc54committee (at) gmail . com


54th International Student Conference, Tokyo, Japan

IAPS members are invited to apply for a places at ISC54. ISC is held annually in Japan, with 30 Japanese and 30 foreign delegates. Delegates are chosen based on an essay (in English) submitted to the organisers.

This year’s conference is in two parts, starting with a study tour of Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Okayama and Kyusyu, followed by the main conference in Tokyo. The programme includes discussion sessions on a variety of topics, as well as athletic and cultural events.

For more information, please see the ISC website and leaflet. The organising committee can be contacted on isc54committee (at) gmail . com, or contact the public relations officer, Saori Okawa, on saori-12 (at) hotmail . co . jp


New jIAPS editors call for articles

Do you write? Can you communicate science? The journal of the International Association of Physics Students (jIAPS) is under new editorship, and we need articles for our upcoming issue. We are looking for articles covering all aspects of physics, from the latest breakthroughs in laboratory research all the way to the physics of Iron Man, and everything in between. If the subject is interesting and is somehow related to physics, we would be glad to hear about it. Try your hand at scientific journalism, or just send in a comment on something you think other physicists should know about. Strong opinions and controversial topics welcome.

Do you have ideas already? Great! If not, don’t worry, we have. What are the issues facing young physicists today? Is industrial physics crushed by the sublime thrill of unravelling the mysteries of the universe, or does anyone actually need astrophysicists and theoreticians when we already have poets?

Whatever your point of view, whatever your issue, let us know what you think.

Euan and Danielle – Editors, jIAPS

Euan Monaghan, Danielle Wills and Deniz Kozlu are our new jIAPS editors. Contact them on jiaps (at) iaps . info

Events Past Events


The IAPS trip to ESTEC was based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The main attraction of this trip was a tour of ESTEC, the European Space Research and Technology Centre , located in Noordwijk. Participants saw a range of facilities and viewed the Herschel and GOCE spacecraft, both due to launch later in 2008. The event also included a visit to the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) in Delft, the Windmill Museum and Planetarium.

Members can download a TNO general introduction, careers presentation, optics lecture and space science lecture (focusing on dust storms on Mars), a copy of the report for EPS, who sponsored the trip, and the IAPS presentation given by Agnieszka Leyko in either odp or ppt format.

Pictures from the whole trip, and a few from the following Queen’s Day celebrations, can be seen here. In addition, pictures taken by TNO staff are here. Trip particpants can view and contribute to the gallery on Li’s website.


Registration open for International Young Scientists’ Conference on Applied Physics

APSKNU (LC Kyiv) have kindly extended an invite to this conference to all IAPS members. See the events section and their website for details.