Balaton Summer School in Physics 2010

The Hungarian Association of Physics Students organises the International Balaton Summer School in Physics.
The school aims to introduce the most recent results in four areas of physics:

Astroparticle physics: The section includes an introduction to general relativity, and then will move on to star models, gravitational waves and observations in cosmology.

Energetics: The section will revolve around answering the energy problems of the 21st century. The thematics will be fuels, plasma physics and fusion, and generation IV reactors.

Medical physics: This section will present applications of nuclear physics, in medical sciences. You will hear about PET, CT, MRI, irradiation linear accelerators, gamma knife, 3D nonlinear microscopy and more.

Self-organisation and networks: This section will introduce game theory, networks and graphs and their use in social and collective phenomena, and also the collective motion of self-propelled particles.

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More information:

The school is located at Balatöngyörök, Hungary (at the shore of the picturesque Lake Balaton).
The date of the Summer School: July 11-18.
There will be 5 days with lectures. The final lectures every afternoon will be common plenary lectures,
where all of the sections will provide an overview of their most interesting results to everyone.
There will be 1 free day, when we organise trips to the beautiful surroundings (Keszthely, Badacsony, Kis-Balaton, and a castle and cave tour.).

Participation Fee: 100 Euros for IAPS members, 180 Euros for non IAPS members.
The price contains the accommodation for 7 nights, breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole week,
the use of the sport facilities, the entrance fee to the beach and the price of one excursion.
Here are some information how you can become an IAPS member .

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