The University Physics Competition

A new tournament for physics students is organized in the USA. Here is the basic information we got from the organizers:

The University Physics Competition ( is a new international contest for undergraduate students, who will work in teams of three at their home colleges and universities, and spend the weekend of 6/7 November, 2010 (48 hours) analyzing an applied scenario using the principles of physics, and writing a formal paper describing their work. At the start of the contest, each team will select one of two problems to work on during the weekend. The problems will be accessible to students who have had one year of university physics and will be designed to be conceptually rich and open-ended in nature, so that there may not be one unambiguously correct method, but instead there may be many useful approaches and approximations. During the contest, teams may use books, journals, computers, the Internet, programs that they write, or any other nonliving resources, but they may not consult with any people outside of their team. After the contest, papers will be ranked, and awards will be made. This contest is sponsored by the American Physical Society and the American Astronomical Society. Registration is now open at Start organizing a team today!