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iaps2CERN trip 2016

In the last week of April almost 50 students met in Geneva, Switzerland to visit CERN. The annual excursion organised by the IAPS EC always reached a high number of interested physics students from all over the world. This year highly motivated people from 15 different countries spent two days at the CERN facilities. Apart from listening to a lecture and building their own cloud chamber, they also walked underground at the CMS detector site.
If you are interested in the excursion for next year, note it down now. The registration will be open again in December.

For now, you can find photos of the event here.

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Yearly meeting in Mulhouse

The Executive Committee of IAPS has finished their yearly strategy meeting in Mulhouse, France. Two days were packed with sessions, talks or discussions about IAPS related topics. As such the basis of an alumni network, upcoming events and the promotion of IAPS were discussed, to name some examples.

Feel free to contact the EC under ec (at) iaps dot info to get more information.

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iaps@GranSasso2015 conclusion

After such a long planning, our absolutely amazing days in Italy were extremely rewarding! Just look at this great bunch of people and their smiles, as they stand 1400 meters below the rock at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory:


You can find a selection of pictures and some numbers of the event at this link!

This event, a collaboration between IAPS and the Italian Association of Physics Students (AISF), was an overwhelming success: as organisers, we can say that everything went very smoothly; as participants, we are happy to say that it was a unique experience, extremely educational and fascinating.

Both our visits in Frascati (near Rome) and close to the Gran Sasso Mountain were extremely successful, with many talks given by researchers about superconductivity, laser physics, magnetic confinement fusion, neutrinos, beta-beta decays and dark matter. You can find some pictures and short descriptions of the programme at this link.

The organising committee, composed of Francesco Sciortino and Deividas Sabonis, would like to take the opportunity to thank the IAPS and AISF collaborators, in particular Matthias Zimmermann, Andreea Monteanu, Leon Jurčić and Lucio Maria Milanese. Many thanks also to Dr. Pace (ENEA Frascati) for so kindly welcoming us, and to Prof. Testa, ENEA President, for his financial support.

Our warmest thanks go to the Gran Sasso researchers, who showed the best of their world-class research and a clear interest in sharing their passion with students: Stefano Ragazzi, Eugenio Coccia, Massimo Mannarelli, Alba Formicola, Fausto Chiarizia, Natalia Di Marco, Roberto Aloisio, Matteo Lorenzini, Giulia Pagliaroli, Matthias Junker and all our tour visits and speakers.

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Simposio Nacional de Estudiantes de Física 2008, Lima, Peru

The organisers of SNEF, the Peruvian national conference of physics students, have kindly offered IAPS a few free places for members who wish to present their work and take part in a physics students’ conference in South America. The conference will involve about 300 students with both guest and student lectures, posters, social activities and a tour of the local area.

Lectures and posters can be presented in either English or Spanish. Translators will be available.

Please see the SNEF website for more information.

Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, after which we’ll keep a waiting list in case anyone drops out. You will need to pay your own transport costs.

Places are very limited, so if you are interested in attending please sign up as soon as possible. When planning your travel, bear in mind that SNEF takes place the week after ICPS.

If you wish to attend, please email ec (at) iaps . info

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International Conference of Physics Students 2008, Cracow, Poland


The city of Cracow (Polish Krakow) lies in the southern part of Poland and
it is one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. We have the great
honour of inviting you to this old and mysterious city for the XXIII International
Conference of Physics Students.

Delegates to ICPS will have opportunity to visit some interesting places in
the city as well as beyond Cracow. There will be a few guest lectures covering
a variety of physics topics. We have also prepared the traditional social programme
including the National party, where each nation represented at the conference
presents some national food and drink and performs a little show (song,
dance, comedy etc.). Participation is not mandatory, but if you participate,
please prepare for it. It is usually enjoyed by all.

Delegates are encouraged to present their work. Lectures and posters are
welcome on all areas of physics and physics-related topics. This is a good
opportunity to gain experience before a friendly audience.

The conference fee will be about 150 Euros and it will include access to
everything on the conference programme, all meals and accommodation. For
more info look on our website:

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IAPS / Mafihe Summer School- Nanophysics, Gyenesdiás, Hungary

The IAPS/MAFIHE summer school on nanophysics took place in Gyenesdiás from 7th-14th July.  30 students attended.

Lectures were given in English by well known Hungarian scientists, coming from the universities in Hungary and the Central Research Institute of Physics. Participants had the opportunity to visit the city and Festetics mansion of Keszthely, go hiking in the mountains around, relax on the beach and visit the world famous thermal lake Héviz.

Photographs are available here, it seems a good time was had by all.

The webpage and poster for the summer school contain more information.

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International Young Scientists’ Conference on Applied Physics, Kyiv, Ukraine

IAPS’ LC Kyiv, the Association of Physics Students of Kyiv National University (APSKNU), invited IAPS members to register for the VIII International Young Scientists’ Conference on Applied Physics. The conference has been held annually in June since the year 2000 and is aimed at physics students and young scientists.

The conference was held from 11th-13th June.

APSKNU includes the Young Scientists’ Association of RadioPhysics as well as students from the local Physics Department.

The website for the conference was here.

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The IAPS trip to ESTEC was based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The main attraction of this trip was a tour of ESTEC, the European Space Research and Technology Centre , located in Noordwijk. Participants saw a range of facilities and viewed the Herschel and GOCE spacecraft, both due to launch later in 2008. The event also included a visit to the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) in Delft, the Windmill Museum and Planetarium.

Members can download a TNO general introduction, careers presentation, optics lecture and space science lecture (focusing on dust storms on Mars), a copy of the report for EPS, who sponsored the trip, and the IAPS presentation given by Agnieszka Leyko in either odp or ppt format.

Pictures from the whole trip, and a few from the following Queen’s Day celebrations, can be seen here. In addition, pictures taken by TNO staff are here. Trip particpants can view and contribute to the gallery on Li’s website.

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ICPS 2007

The XXII International Conference of Physics Students was held in London, UK, based at University College London. Highlights included five guest lectures, 69 student lectures, many student posters and a choice of 9 scientific excursions. The social and cultural programme included the usual city tour, national and costume parties, plus a drinks reception, céilidh, karaoke night, barbecue, lark in the park and more. 360 students from over 30 countries attended.

The handbook can be downloaded here, and members can log in to view the reports here and here.

Job van der Zwan and Marten Veldthuis have a gallery of photos, and there is a facebook group and flickr group.

A highlights video is available (70MB .mov) (323MB .avi)

The official site was