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International Conference of Physics Students 2008, Cracow, Poland


The city of Cracow (Polish Krakow) lies in the southern part of Poland and
it is one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. We have the great
honour of inviting you to this old and mysterious city for the XXIII International
Conference of Physics Students.

Delegates to ICPS will have opportunity to visit some interesting places in
the city as well as beyond Cracow. There will be a few guest lectures covering
a variety of physics topics. We have also prepared the traditional social programme
including the National party, where each nation represented at the conference
presents some national food and drink and performs a little show (song,
dance, comedy etc.). Participation is not mandatory, but if you participate,
please prepare for it. It is usually enjoyed by all.

Delegates are encouraged to present their work. Lectures and posters are
welcome on all areas of physics and physics-related topics. This is a good
opportunity to gain experience before a friendly audience.

The conference fee will be about 150 Euros and it will include access to
everything on the conference programme, all meals and accommodation. For
more info look on our website: