Jiaps: A new issue is coming

Jiaps, the journal of IAPS will have a new issue soon.
It is nearly two years since the last issue of Jiaps was produced. But now is a new issue, prepared by a team of 3 motivated editors and half a dozen authors, finished. We should be able to present it here within the next weeks.


International Student Workshop on Laser Applications (ISWLA10) 25th-28th of May ’10

The purpose of ISWLA’10 is to extend the knowledge level of the attendees regarding the most recent results in laser physics, the new projects supported by EU, the development of pan- European ELI project – Extreme Light Infrastructure – delivering a pulse of 200 PW. The conference topic has a very large application spectrum: medical field, biology, material science, X-Ray Radiography, etc.
We invite undergraduate and graduate students, PhD students, young scientists up to 35 years old from different scientific areas, interested in lasers and applications to promote inter disciplinary – collaborations.

More details about the ISWLA10 Conference on:


Registration for ICPS 2010 opened

It is now possible to register for the International Conference of Physics Students 2010. This years event will be held in Graz, Austria.
Registration is done online via .
Until now are approx. 200 participants registered.


A spanish Conference of Physics Students

There’ll be a Conference of Physics Students in Spain, the information we got from the organisation committee so far says that:

The conference will consist of a series of lectures given by distinguished physicists. In addition, the students participants will be able to expose their scientific works, developments of practices, reviews of scientific publications and more, in meetings of 15 minutes or in the form of a poster, under the teachers’ attentive supervision of the different departments of the Faculty of Physics. We will give public and scientific awards. One of the guest speakers of the conference will be Kip S. Thorne, current Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics at Caltech and one of the world’s leading experts on the astrophysical implications of Einstein’s general theory of relativity.
Other guest speakers: Álvaro Giménez, director of Astrobiology Center and Science and Investigation Center of ESA. And Francisco Sánchez, director and foundator of Institute of Astrophysics in Canary Islands.

Start: March 19th 2010
End: March 20th 2010

University of La Laguna, Canary Islands, Spain
Register fee: 7€
Register deadline: 26 February


53rd scientific conference for Physics Students, “Open Readings 2010”, Vilnius, Lithuania

It is with great pleasure that Vilnius University Faculty of Physics Students’ Scientific Association (VUFPSSA) have the opportunity to invite you to participate in the 53rd annual scientific conference for Physics Students “Open Readings 2010”. It will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania and is taking place from Wednesday 24th to Saturday 27th March 2010.
The “Open Readings ’10″ scientific program consists of research project presentations given by participating students from all over Europe. All participants (students) are free to choose their research project topic (in fields of Physics) and present it in the conference “Open Readings’10″. Physicists from all over Europe will be giving guest lectures and the social program consists of excursions around Lithuania, especially Vilnius.

Moreover, participants are encouraged to take an interest in global challenges, such as sustainable development and climate change topics, because “Open Readings ’10″ will be implemented in parallel with another SSA project “Young Scientists Thinking Ecologically”.

The official language of the conference is English so all oral presentations and posters should be in English. Furthermore, there is no fee for participants and registration for the conference is open to all students from all over the world.
To register, please email your full name, university and tentative scientific project topic to the email address: More detailed information is available from


IAPS in Europhysics News

The current issue of Europhysics News features an article about the history of IAPS written by Jim Grozier.
It is based on the text than can be found in the history section of the webpage.

Events News

Rudolf Ortvay International Problem Solving Competition in Physics

The Hungarian Association of Physics Students is happy to announce, the 40th and for the 11th time international

Rudolf Ortvay International Problem Solving Competition in Physics

Date: 22nd October – 2nd November, 2009

The competition is electronic, so you are likely to join from any country on the world if you are a university or PhD student in any field.
The goal is to solve as many from the 30-40 problems given as you can, but maximum 10. Tthese can be downloaded from the web page above in several formats from 11 am (GMT), the 22nd of October, and send your solutions back via email or fax till the deadline, that is 2nd November 2009.
You have to solve the problems by yourself (no group works are accepted) but you are welcome to use any tools you wish (including computers).
The assigned problems do not focus on school-level problem-solving routine but rather on the skills of physical way of thinking, recognition of the heart of the problem, and the appropriate choice in the mathematical armory.
The competitors are selected into categories by their years of study (PhD students also form an separate category), so dear Undergraduates, don’t be afraid to join!

The first three places in each category are rewarded by a certain amount of money and an official certificate signed by the president of the jury, a well known university professor in Hungary, and the president of the Hungarian Association of Physics Students.
Above this, the jury also rewards the best solutions to certain problems, and there are also some special prices given, so if you only have one or two problems solved, its still wise to send them.
During the past years prizes won in the Ortvay Contest became an ever more important factor in choosing the best candidates for thesis topics as well as PhD and student exchange scholarships.

Among the one-time contestants and winners of the Ortvay Contest there are several internationally acknowledged researchers.
If this made you curious, take a look at the problems, and you are welcome to participate!

All the best with Your work!


25th International Conference of Physics Students, 2010

August 17, 2010 to August 23, 20010

The XXV ICPS will be hosted by NC Austria in Graz, Austria.  Online registration for this will be opened on February 1st, 2010.

For more information including conference details, a proposed timetable and to keep up-to-date, visit the website at:


New EC 09/10

The new EC was elected at IAPS 2009 AGM in Split, Croatia.  It is composed of students from 9 individual different countries. More details can be found on the executive committee page.


Hungarian bid for 26th ICPS 2011

At the 2009 IAPS AGM, NC Hungary was voted as the host for the XXVI ICPS in 2011. The event will take place in Budapest, Hungary where it has already taken place twice before, in 1986 and 2002.