A spanish Conference of Physics Students

There’ll be a Conference of Physics Students in Spain, the information we got from the organisation committee so far says that:

The conference will consist of a series of lectures given by distinguished physicists. In addition, the students participants will be able to expose their scientific works, developments of practices, reviews of scientific publications and more, in meetings of 15 minutes or in the form of a poster, under the teachers’ attentive supervision of the different departments of the Faculty of Physics. We will give public and scientific awards. One of the guest speakers of the conference will be Kip S. Thorne, current Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics at Caltech and one of the world’s leading experts on the astrophysical implications of Einstein’s general theory of relativity.
Other guest speakers: Álvaro Giménez, director of Astrobiology Center and Science and Investigation Center of ESA. And Francisco Sánchez, director and foundator of Institute of Astrophysics in Canary Islands.

Start: March 19th 2010
End: March 20th 2010

University of La Laguna, Canary Islands, Spain
Register fee: 7€
Register deadline: 26 February