IAPS Statement on the Breach of Fundamental Rights of Belarusian Students

September 16th, 2020

The International Association of Physics Students represents thousands of physics students around the world, and is committed to the well-being of our member community. Students’ rights form the foundation of academic development and civic engagement. Therefore, it is the responsibility of IAPS to address matters which impede upon these rights.

IAPS is deeply concerned with the infringement of fundamental human and civil rights following the recent presidential election in Belarus. A culture of fear has been imposed upon academics who criticised policies of the current government. Members of the scientific community who signed an open letter against the ongoing violence have been intimidated by the head of the Belarusian Academy of Science. Rights of thousands of peaceful Belarusians have been violated through unprecedented physical violence, restriction of internet access and suppression of freedom of speech. 

We are troubled by the implication of these events on the educational and academic activities of fellow students. IAPS stands in solidarity with the Belarusian scientific community and supports their call for an end to violence and the arrests of peaceful protestors.

The Executive Committee of the International Association of Physics Students

The International Association of Physics Students (IAPS), as its Charter states, is an international, student-run educational association, which aims to encourage physics students in their academic and professional growth by developing an ever-growing worldwide community within which peaceful relations are established in a collaborative, diverse and friendly social environment.

You can read the Original Statement from the People of the Republic of Belarus:

Things We Can Do As Students:

1. Write (open) letters of support.

2. Members can sign this open letter in support of Belarusian scientists who are now under administrative pressure for their civil stance: Statement in support of Belarusian scientists:

3. If your university has contacts or partnerships with education officials at Belarusian universities, please use them to express solidarity with protesting students and concerns with lawless repressions;

4. Spread the word about the situation in Belarus / Belarusian academia with the help of local media, student organizations, public events at your university;

5. Donate to Belarus Solidarity Foundation:

To read more about the latest events in English, please follow these links:


IAPS AGM Fridays for Future Statement

August 22nd 2020

Statement of support for the Fridays for Future movement

Fridays for Future as a movement advocates for the recognition of scientific facts regarding the climate crisis and demands actions in accordance with the current scientific consensus. The International Association of Physics Students supports the demands of the Fridays for Future movement and calls for their implementation.

Concerning higher education, research facilities and universities, this entails a requirement to facilitate the participation at peaceful protests, for all people, no matter their age, place of living, or level of employment. Additionally IAPS condemns all kinds of repression or threads thereof against participants of those protests.

We also call on everyone to support these protests and the implementation of the demands from Fridays for Future. An example of this could be to host Public climate schools at facilities of higher education, advocate environmental awareness and co2 neutral research buildings/labs,and to promote participation in these matters.

The IAPS 2020 Annual General Meeting


IAPS EC Statement on international students in Denmark

The International Association of Physics Students represents, through its member committees along with individual members, thousands of students from all over the world Therefore, considering rights are a fundamental basis for students’ academic development and civic engagement, IAPS has the responsibility of addressing matters related to students’ rights, taking a stand whenever these are in any way undermined.

So, the IAPS Executive Committee has issued a statement to affirm its position on the danish government’s policy of reducing the number of international students opportunities in danish universities, including in Science-related courses.

The IAPS EC believes this decision is wrong and deeply hurtful, particularly for the scientific community, as it restricts the possibility of students, as future professionals of Science, to expand their cultural and scientific horizons, connect and establish working relationships and friendships with their colleagues from other countries and cultures and participate in projects that benefit from transnational, diverse perspectives – all fundamental aspects of the identity and dynamic of the global scientific community.

As Science and knowledge know no boundaries, so shouldn’t the institutions that have the purpose of enlightening students on the amazing and diverse areas of the scientific endeavour, of which all who share the drive to explore nature and the cosmos should be able to be a part.

Read through the statement below!