IAPS AGM Fridays for Future Statement

August 22nd 2020

Statement of support for the Fridays for Future movement

Fridays for Future as a movement advocates for the recognition of scientific facts regarding the climate crisis and demands actions in accordance with the current scientific consensus. The International Association of Physics Students supports the demands of the Fridays for Future movement and calls for their implementation.

Concerning higher education, research facilities and universities, this entails a requirement to facilitate the participation at peaceful protests, for all people, no matter their age, place of living, or level of employment. Additionally IAPS condemns all kinds of repression or threads thereof against participants of those protests.

We also call on everyone to support these protests and the implementation of the demands from Fridays for Future. An example of this could be to host Public climate schools at facilities of higher education, advocate environmental awareness and co2 neutral research buildings/labs,and to promote participation in these matters.

The IAPS 2020 Annual General Meeting