Space and maths related competitions

ESA is having a competition for European university students, where you need to propose an experiment that could fly on board the International Space Station.

Also there is an essay competition running worldwide and the point is to explain a mathematical topic or application they think the world needs to know about.


International Conference of Physics Students 2009, Split, Croatia


The ICPS 2009 was held 10-18  August in Split, Croatia.

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EC meeting at Mulhouse held

Minutes available to members in the meetings section.

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ICPS 2007

The XXII International Conference of Physics Students was held in London, UK, based at University College London. Highlights included five guest lectures, 69 student lectures, many student posters and a choice of 9 scientific excursions. The social and cultural programme included the usual city tour, national and costume parties, plus a drinks reception, céilidh, karaoke night, barbecue, lark in the park and more. 360 students from over 30 countries attended.

The handbook can be downloaded here, and members can log in to view the reports here and here.

Job van der Zwan and Marten Veldthuis have a gallery of photos, and there is a facebook group and flickr group.

A highlights video is available (70MB .mov) (323MB .avi)

The official site was