Call for volunteers

The EC are working hard trying to do as much as possible for IAPS members this year. There are more things we’d like to do than we can possibly find time for, which is where you come in. We’re looking for volunteers to help with a variety of projects. The work is fun and it’s very rewarding to see your efforts become reality. We can’t pay you, but we can supply a worthwhile experience that will enhance your CV.

Specifically, we need people for the following jobs:

jIAPS editor(s)- Edit the articles already collected, commission more, publish pdf versions during the year and a ‘best of’ compilation to be printed and handed out at ICPS. jIAPS can include scientific articles, opinion columns, letters, interviews with physicists or other interesting people, cartoons, crosswords or anything else you think would be worth reading. Great experience for anyone considering working in publishing or science journalism.

jIAPS authors- Write articles for the journal- contributions from anyone and everyone welcome. Tell us about your research or the area of physics which interests you most, what you think about hot topics of the day, why the previous author was completely wrong- debate is good! Decisions on what to publish will be taken by the editing team.

Regulations committee- We have a few people working hard to write some internal regulations as a guide for the future, explaining things which are important to IAPS but don’t legally need to be in the charter. There’s a lot to do and more volunteers would be very welcome. The resulting document will be put to the vote at this year’s AGM.

Event organisers- If you can think of something IAPS members would benefit from, we want to hear from you. All ideas welcome. If you just want to organise something and don’t mind what, please get in touch as we have plenty of possibilities. Individuals or groups could help us.

Finally, if you want to do something that isn’t mentioned above, please let us know. Perhaps you’ve thought of something we haven’t.

As always, contact us on ec (at) iaps . info