New jIAPS online

A new issue of jIAPS is now available. Highlights include an interview with Nobel Laureate Gerard t’Hooft, articles on student parabolic flight, the relationship between Kepler and Gulliver’s travels, the Biefeld-Brown effect and much more besides.

The closing date for the crossword competition is 1st July. The winner will receive a copy of ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’, edited by Stephen Hawking.

We are always looking for volunteers to contribute to future issues of jIAPS, so if you would like to write an article, please let us know.

If you wish to comment on this issue, state your (dis)agreement with the authors’ opinions, or tell us about anything you think is of interest to physics students today, you can send letters to the editors on jiaps (at) iaps . info.

This jIAPS is also available in Issuu form.