SNEF in Peru and ISC in Japan

In addition to ICAP and ICPS 2008, IAPS members are invited to attend two more conferences this summer.

The organisers for the Simposio Nacional de Estudiantes de FĂ­sica, to be held in Lima, Peru, have kindly allocated a few places for IAPS members. SNEF takes place from 18th-22nd August, just after ICPS. More information is available on the SNEF website. If you would like to attend, please email ec (at) iaps . info

You can also attend the 54th International Student Conference in Japan. This starts with a study tour of a few cities, before the main conference gets underway in Tokyo. ISC includes discussion on a variety of topics and runs from 31st August to 12th September. For more information please see the ISC website or email isc54committee (at) gmail . com