IAPS Charts a New Path at the Extraordinary General Meeting

The International Association of Physics Students recently held an Extraordinary General Meeting. Representatives from various countries gathered for the meeting, during which the association introduced important initiatives to enhance its influence, effectiveness, and structure.

One of the standout moments from the meeting was the exciting addition of TC Singapore, LC Jerusalem, and LC Zoul Mikael to the IAPS membership. This decision not only expands the association’s reach to different regions, but also introduces a wide range of viewpoints among its members.

Leadership transitions were also a significant area of attention, with elections conducted for the Members and Advocacy Manager roles. Irene Carrion Lopez, representing TC Spain, has been elected as the new Members and Advocacy Manager. With her expertise and vision, she will lead the association’s efforts in advocacy and membership engagement.

With a strategic vision for modernization and revitalization, IAPS has revealed a new brand identity, showcasing its dedication to adaptability and innovation in the dynamic field of physics.

However, what truly stood out at the meeting was the revolutionary decision to transition from National Committees to Territorial Committees. This significant change sets the stage for a membership structure that is more inclusive and accessible, removing the obstacles that used to impede student involvement in the association.

In addition, IAPS decided to apply for UN Consultancy Status, demonstrating the association’s dedication to worldwide involvement and advocacy for matters of scientific significance.

Lastly, as a testament to its commitment to preserving the environment, IAPS announced its plans to join the Earth Humanity Coalition, joining forces with esteemed organizations to work towards a more sustainable future. Ultimately, it aims to inspire and mobilize the global youth community to take action and drive positive change.

The outcomes of the Extraordinary General Meeting demonstrate IAPS’s commitment to promoting cooperation, creativity, and diversity within its community. Keep an eye out for more updates on these exciting developments as IAPS remains at the forefront of shaping the future of physics education and research.