Running for the EC – Treasurer

As the date of the Annual General Meeting approaches, we continue with the calls for Executive Committee (EC) offices applications.

This time, we address the office of Treasurer, the main handler of the financial affairs of IAPS, which makes it a highly demanding role of great responsibility.

For the 2019/2020 term, the current EC is proposing the following set of responsibilities for the Treasurer:
a. Make the ledger for the respective financial year
b. Make the proposed budget for the next financial year
c. Write and send invoices to the members (annual membership fee)
d. Write and send invoices for different IAPS events (e.g. iaps2CERN participation fee)
e. Keep track of all the financial transactions (e.g. online bank account and paypal)
f. Procure and keep the bank statements for future reference (e.g. the ledger)
g. Arrange reimbursements
h. Manage IAPS grants
i. Take care of sponsorship and donor’s agreements
j. Maintain a fair communication with the Fundraising Manager
k. Maintain a fair communication with the European Physical Society (EPS) regarding IAPS finances

This proposal is very similar to the current assigned tasks, although the reference to coordinating with the Fundaraising Manager is added, as this non-EC office is also a new proposal by the current EC.

We remind you that this list of tasks might still be changed by decision of the AGM.

For more information, check out what to expect as an EC member, what to expect as Treasurer and how to run.