Last chance to register for International Balaton Summer School in Physics

Dear Students,

There’s only one week left from registration!!!

The Hungarian Association of Physics Students organises the International Balaton Summer School in Physics.The school aims to introduce the most recent results in five areas of physics:

Astrophysics: The section presents cosmology and extragalactical astrophysics. The topics will be about gravitational waves, super-massive black holes, astrophysical observations and inflation as well.

Biophysics: The section is grouped around biological motion: molecular motor proteins, cellular motion, organ and tissue development,biomechanics, population dynamics and collective motion.

Condensed matter physics: The section shows the diversity of the condensed materials in a wide range of their research and use.Lectures will be about interacting systems, carbon nanotubes, graphene, superconductors and dislocations.

Statistical quantum physics: The section presents the theoretical background of quantum optics, the quantum statistical description of fields, the quantum dynamics of open systems, the interaction of radiation with matter and the quantum statistics of matter fields. These include laser cooling and the Bose-Einstein condensate as well.

Particle physics: This section introduces the Standard Model of particle physics and the experimental instruments.The topics will be about experiments at the LHC, the results of heavy ion collisions up to now, and the physics beyond the Standard Model.

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More information:The school is located at Balatöngyörök, Hungary (at the shore of the beautiful Lake Balaton).

The date of the Summer School: July 5-12.There will be 5 days with lectures. The final lectures every afternoon will be common plenary lectures,where all of the sections will provide an overview of their most interesting results to everyone.There will be 1 free day, when we organise trips to the beautiful surroundings (Keszthely, Tapolca, Kis-Balaton, …).

Participation Fee: 180 Euros for IAPS members, 200 Euros for non IAPS members.The price contains the accommodation for 7 nights, breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole week,the use of the sport facilities, the entrance fee to the beach and the price of one excursion.Here are some information how you can become an IAPS member .

Registration deadline: 29 June

Questions are welcomed at .Best regards,The organisers