IAPS EC statement on climate change and the Student Strike for Climate

Due to its nature as a global organisation for cooperation between Physics students, IAPS is a particularly important platform for serious discussion around scientific topics, including reflection on how research impacts public policy and what the scientific community can do to influence policy on relevant issues that directly relate to its work and its understanding of natural phenomena.

As is generally known, climate change is, most likely, the issue that is most representative of the dangers of public decision-makers not following or falling short of taking necessary action to address long-standing, evidence-based scientific consensus.

Consequently, the Executive Committee of IAPS considers it is of utmost importance for all in the scientific community to make sure the public and its representatives are paying attention to the all too real threat of a climate crisis, especially those who represent future of Science: students.

In order to do its part in calling attention to climate change, the EC decided to release a statement stressing the seriousness of this issue, mentioning the insufficient efforts by many governments – some not even accomplishing the timid goals of the Paris Climate Agreement – and underlining the positive impact of various forms of action, including the Student Strike for Climate. Though much has been done recently, it is clear more ambitious measures must be taken.

Read through the statement below!