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jIAPS Staff Member Milestones

There are lots of opportunities to get involved with jIAPS – here we would like to recognise the incredible efforts of our top contributors so far this year. 

There is still chance to contribute to jIAPS, whether you would like to write an article, send a photo of an event you participated in, or help with graphic design – just email us at .

Congratulations to the following jIAPS Staff Members who have reached these milestones:

50 contributions: 

🇵🇭 Harvey Sapigao 

30 contributions:

🇯🇵 Muhammad Frassetia Lubis 

10 contributions:

🇲🇰 Evgenija Pandova 

🇲🇽 Fabiola Cañete

🇮🇳 Jeet Shannigrahi

🇮🇳 Noumish Hait

🇪🇸 Pedro Villalba González 

5 contributions:

🇳🇵Rabin Thapa

🇬🇧 Sophie Gresty

🇩🇴 Thara Caba 

🇷🇸 Zlatan Vasović