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Extraordinary General Meeting, March 2021

The IAPS March 2021 Extraordinary General Meeting, hereby EGM, is going to be hosted online by the IAPS Executive Committee (EC) on Sunday, March 27th 2021 starting at 12:30 UTC. We expect to hold the meeting using Zoom or a developing internal platform.

Please find below the draft EGM agenda, to which any IAPS member can propose changes, namely the addition of agenda items per the IAPS Charter point 17.4. The Executive Committee requests that these be sent until 23:59 UTC on February 25th, in order to give the EC time to determine how to include the points in the final agenda.

1. Election of the Chair, Secretary, and Tellers
2. Membership
  2.1 Voting Rights
  2.2 New Members
  2.3 Quorum
3. Approval of the minutes of the December 20th 2020 Extraordinary General Meeting
4. Election of the new IAPS EC Events Manager for the remainder of the 2020/2021 term
5. Other points of interest