Running for the EC – President

As you may know, the 2019 Annual General Meeting has been called, having, among the agenda points, the EC members election. The EC member positions and job description, beyond what is already set by the IAPS Charter and Regulations, are proposed by the EC in office at the time of the election.

Let’s start with the main EC position: President! This is a position of tremendous responsibility, as it involves its specific functions, plus coordinating the EC.

For the 2019/2020 term, the current EC is proposing the following set of responsibilities for the President:
a. Chair EC meetings
b. Ensure that the association functions in a fair manner
c. Chair the Special Governance Council, as outlined in the IAPS Strategic Plan
d. Charter a move to become an Observer of IUPAP
e. Direct the work of the EC
f. External relations
g. Direct the preparations for General Meetings and the Delegate Day
h. Direct the preparations for the IAPS workshops
i. Manage and represent IAPS

Although some details might be changed at the AGM, due to potential proposals from the membership, most of these responsibilities are intrinsic to the office of President, according to the IAPS Charter and the IAPS Regulations.

If you want to run, send your CV and a motivation letter to! If you want some more detailed information, check out this and this.