IAPS subbies – why should you join one?

Volunteering and gathering experience in student associations is getting increasingly popular and useful to have on your CV whilst looking for your first job. You can be an enthusiastic beginner, a self-made pro looking to share knowledge or something in between. What is important: to have an open mind, good work ethics, the will to help and learning by doing.

Your Executive Committee wants to implement a lot of fun & useful new things in out network and needs your help. In accordance with the regulations (5.1.3), the EC decided form subcommittees on IT, PR, Member issues, Education & Outreach, Finances, External relations and their members will not have a vote in the EC.

If you are interested in working in these fields for IAPS, send in an email with your CV and motivational letter to appropriate address. List of emails and specific skills we are looking for can be found here:

Specific calls for subbies 2015/2016

The application process starts 23/12/2015 13:00 CET and ends 10/1/2016 13:00 CET, when EC will evaluate the applications. The procedure can be found here:

General information – procedure specifications.

At the end of the year, all hardworking participants will receive a certificate for their work which you can attach to your CV.


In case you have additional questions, send them to ec (at), we will try to respond as quickly as we can.