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Frontiers of Quantum Optics

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A very special event in the International Year of Light will take place on October 25-30, 2015, in the Physikzentrum in Bad Honnef, Germany, and advanced master and PhD students are very welcome to participate.
The 600th Heraeus seminar will give an overview on the recent achievements in the field of quantum optics, namely the Bose Einstein condensation of light and matter, Hawking radiation, the Unruh effect, tests of the foundations of quantum mechanics, etc.

Confirmed speakers of the seminar are the world’s leading experts in the field of quantum optics, including the three Nobel Laureates: Prof. William D. Philipps, Prof. Dr. Theodor W. Hänsch and Prof. Dr. Roy J. Glauber.

Thanks to the generous support of the Heraeus foundation, accommodation and meals will be provided for all selected participants free of charge.

Don’t miss this fascinating opportunity to learn more about the quantum nature of light and matter!

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