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CERN Winter School on Supergravity, Strings, and Gauge Theory 2012

6-10 February 2012
CERN Genève

The CERN Winter School on Supergravity, Strings, and Gauge Theory is the
analytic continuation of the yearly training school of the former EC-RTN string
network “Constituents, Fundamental Forces and Symmetries of the Universe”. The 2012 edition of the school is supported and organized by the CERN Theory Divison, and will take place from Monday February 6 to Friday February 10, at CERN.

As its predecessors, this school is meant primarily for training of doctoral
students and young postdoctoral researchers in recent developments in
theoretical high-energy physics and string theory. The programme of the school
will consist of five series of pedagogical lectures, complemented by tutorial
discussion sessions in the afternoons.

Previous schools in this series were organized in 2005 at SISSA in Trieste, and in 2006,
2007, 2008, 2009,  2010 and 2011 at CERN, Geneva. Other similar schools have been organized in the past by the related RTN network “The Quantum Structure of Spacetime and the Geometric Nature of Fundamental Interactions”. The school is funded by the CERN Theory Division, and the Arnold Sommerfeld Center at Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich.

Scientific committee: M. Gaberdiel, D. Luest, A. Sevrin, J. Simon, K. Stelle,
S. Theisen, A. Uranga, A. Van Proeyen, E. Verlinde, J Walcher

Local organizers: N. Lambert, B. Pioline

  • Registration start date: Tuesday 01 November 2011
  • Registration end date: Monday 16 January 2012

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