IAPS 2022-2023

Physics in Ljubljana

July 17-24 2011
Ljubljana, Slovenia

The aim of the Summer School is to review the highlights of the physics research based in Ljubljana and to introduce the Master and PhD programs in physical sciences at the University of Ljubljana.

The summer school will take place at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana, Jadranska 19, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The program will cover a range of experimental and theoretical topics in astrophysics, atomic physics, biophysics, computational physics, geophysics, mathematical physics, medical physics, meteorology, nuclear physics, nuclear engineering, photonics, physics education, physics of elementary particles, soft condensed matter physics, and solid state physics. Lectures will be complemented by tours of the experimental laboratories and other research facilities. Speakers will include professors and researchers from the University of Ljubljana and the Jozef Stefan Institute.

The summer school is best suited for students who have completed a Bachelor, first-cycle program in physics and are interested in pursuing an advanced degree in physics. Courses will begin Monday July 18 and end Friday July 22, and they will include an overview of advanced study programs in physical sciences at the University of Ljubljana. Courses will be held in English.