This page contains the information a candidate for Treasurer of the IAPS Executive Committee (EC) needs to know. Be sure to first read what any EC candidate needs to know.

Note: regarding the office description, it is important to know the tasks of EC members for a given year, considering what is defined in the Charter and Regulations, are proposed by the EC of the previous year. This proposal may be the object of changes during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at which the EC members are elected by decision of AGM participants, either due to a specific proposal or as a result of Charter and Regulations changes.


The IAPS EC proposed the following tasks for the Treasurer:

  • Make the ledger for the respective financial year
  • Make the proposed budget for the next financial year
  • Write and send invoices to the members (annual membership fee)
  • Write and send invoices for different IAPS events (e.g. iaps2CERN participation fee)
  • Keep track of all the financial transactions (e.g. online bank account and paypal)
  • Procure and keep the bank statements for future reference (e.g. the ledger)
  • Handle reimbursements
  • Manage IAPS grants
  • Take care of sponsorship and donor’s agreements
  • Maintain a fair communication with the Fundraising Manager
  • Maintain a fair communication with the European Physical Society (EPS) regarding IAPS finances

Useful Skills

  • Availability, as it involves a lot of communication, documentation and frequently updating the ledger
  • Experience handling finances within an organisation
  • Adequate organisation of documents
  • Proper communication with members and other organisations, like EPS

What to expect right after the AGM

  • Your first official EC meeting, still during ICPS, with the outgoing EC
  • Your handover meeting with the outgoing Treasurer
  • Verify that all documents are in order

What to expect throughout the year

  • Updating the ledger any time there is a financial transaction involving IAPS, whether it is income or expense
  • Receiving applications for IAPS grants – events, collaborations and membership support
  • Receiving reimbursement forms, mostly of travel expenses from EC members and volunteers
  • Contacting members regarding the membership fee payment
  • Communicating with EPS, as the handling of the bank account and record-keeping depends on their assistance
  • Checking the compliance of the EC’s management with the budget approved by the AGM

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In the words of The Hunger Games – don’t worry, running for the EC isn’t that violent -, may the odds be ever in your favor!