Outreach Manager

Starting in the 2022 AGM, the Advocacy and Outreach Manager and Membership and Alumni Manager EC positions are now being replaced by the Membership and Advocacy Manager and the Outreach Manager roles.

This page contains information a candidate for the Outreach Manager position in the IAPS Executive Committee (EC) needs to know. Be sure to first read what any EC candidate needs to know.

Note: regarding the office description, it is important to know the tasks of EC members for a given year, considering what is defined in the Charter and Regulations, are proposed by the EC of the previous year. This proposal may be the object of changes during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at which the EC members are elected by decision of AGM participants, either due to a specific proposal or as a result of Charter or Regulations changes.


The IAPS EC proposed the following tasks for the Advocacy and Outreach Manager:

  • Manage educational and informational events
  • Propose and manage outreach activities on international scale
  • Promote and encourage educational projects
  • Organise and support School Day activities
  • Organise and support International Day of Light activities

Useful Skills

  • Experience in outreach initiatives
  • Creativity in designing activities, important for any outreach strategy
  • Awareness capacity regarding the issues that the scientific community faces, for which outreach is an important tool of knowledge and proximity

What to expect right after the AGM

  • Your first official EC meeting, still during ICPS, with the outgoing EC
  • Your handover meeting with the outgoing Advocacy & Outreach Manager
  • Review previous editions of IAPS School Day

What to expect throughout the year

  • Communicating with several committees that might participate in IAPS School Day
  • Receiving proposals for outreach activities
  • Developing the Science outreach strategy of IAPS

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