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IOP Student Community Panel

 Year of joining IAPS    x
 Number of local groups    N/a
 Number of member students (approximate)     23000


The IOP Student Community Panel is a representative group of physics student leaders who represent the Institute of Physics’ national body of student members. They are drawn from each nation and region throughout the UK and Ireland and serve as the UK and Ireland’s national committee.

The Panel is responsible for the organisation of a range of activities for physics students including IAPS events.

IOP Panel members are role models to physicists in their local areas, representing the student physics community, promoting the benefits of IOP membership and physics outreach in the community. They act as ambassadors for physics by advocating and promoting extra-curricular engagement wherever possible.

Becoming an IOP member (of any grade) counts as being a IAPS member under NC United Kingdom and Ireland, and thus allows you to attend IAPS events.

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Instagram (IOP): @institute_of_physics


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