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Hungarian Association of Physics Students


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The Hungarian Association of Physics Students (Mafihe) is an unpolitical organization, dedicated to raise the standards of physics education and nurse international relationships. Accordingly, most members are students of the fields Physics and Astronomy. We organize several colorful events, such as contests and trips, on which members can participate with a significant financial help.

Mafihe consists of Local Committees (LC-s). Each LC has its own regulation and leadership. The foremost decision-making body of the Mafihe is the Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting can change the ground rules, make decisions about positions in the leadership and the audit commitee. The audit committee ensures that the Local Committees and the leadership abide the ground rules. Local Committees delegate a member to the National Committee. The respective chairmanship is also included in the National Committee.

Mafihe was founded in 1988. According to the ground rules our goals are:

  • contributing to the education of physics students to give them a wide and modern perspective and international experiences
  • to further improve the standards of Hungarian science
  • enable an exchange of experience between students on the fields of theoretical/experimental work and teaching, on a national and international level – to support and inspire language learning between members, to supply opportunities where they can practise their skills on national and international forums
  • to actively take part in estabilishing a wide range of international cooperations

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