LC Kathmandu, Nepal

St. Xavier’s Physics Council, Nepal
(SXPC Nepal)


 Year of joining IAPS     x
 Number of member students (approximate)     250


St. Xavier’s Physics Council (SXPC-Nepal) is an organization established on 14 March 2012 by the students studying in Master’s and Bachelor’s levels of St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar, Kathmandu to make a collective effort for covering the maximum depth of unfathomable physics defining the nature and universe. The theme, “Physics- from quantum to cosmos”, has defined the field of interest of the council properly making it wide enough and open for every kind of researches and discourses on physics.

It is a self-sustaining and autonomous organization within the institution “St. Xavier’s college” set to provide equal opportunities to all the graduate, undergraduate, 10+2 and CIE A Level students studying physics with no limitation to any physics enthusiast for sharing their knowledge, ideas and innovations. SXPC-Nepal aims to bring all the scientific communities related to physics together without any limits to any activity related to science, technology and innovation. The strategy of the council for fulfilling this aim involves organizing activities related to science and technology to keep the whole scientific community busy with learning new and necessary tools needed for research and related activities. The council as often as possible commends several events from the history set apart as the most important dates to mark one of the greatest achievements made by the mankind in the field of science and technology to nurture young minds by generating interest and curiosity on them.

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