Outreach Grant

Between its main outreach events throughout the year, IAPS School Day and the International Day of Light, IAPS wishes to encourage members in hosting further outreach events at other times throughout the year. Therefore, IAPS offers further financial support for a range of outreach activities which members can organise, that are not related to either of the main outreach programmes.

Projects. Activities should be educational and outreach events aimed at the general public or at a specific age group (pre-university school students). They may otherwise be open to all IAPS members.

The project must fall into one of the three following categories, with a new project or a new augmentation of an existing project starting in the current financial year:

  1. New project initiation. This comprises new science outreach projects which the applicant did not already run. If the applicant already runs a different outreach project and wishes to apply for this grant for a new, separate one, they must explain how the two projects differ.
  2. Existing project development. This is relevant where the applicant already runs a science outreach project and wishes to augment it: for example, an NC expanding a nation-wide project to a new city, an existing project requiring updated equipment, or an activity being expanded with a new component.

Preferences for a project in category 1 or 2 are as follows:

  • Financially effective outreach
  • Events in multiple locations over single location (for NCs only)
  • Going outside of your city over not going (for LCs and NCs going to rural areas)
  • Targeting specific age groups over general public
  • Collaborations (with institutes, universities, other student association) are encouraged