IAPS Member Action Programme

IAPS’ members, as individual physics associations, have a great tradition of and passion for organising events for students. But as members of the International Association of Physics Students, they have the opportunity to bring students together from around the world and to interact with their counterparts in other countries! This programme aims to encourage IAPS National and Local Committees (NC/LCs) to work together on hosting international events and accomplishing projects.

Projects. Essentially, a scientific excursion, workshop or conference for students is envisaged. The scope of a potential project is broad, but at its core should help the members of the participating NC/LCs to exchange ideas and share experiences. Projects should include social and scientific events as well. The project must, of course, be open to all IAPS members. ICPS and PLANCKS are not eligible for funding under this grant.

Specific Grant Conditions.

  • This grant can fund no more than 50% of the total budget.
  • At least two IAPS members should apply jointly for the grant. In the case that only one NC or only LCs from a single country apply, the project will only qualify if greater than or equal to 40% of the eventual participants are studying in a country other than that of the applicant committee(s).
  • If a required level of 40% international participation is not met, the grant may be reclaimed by the EC.