Previous Work – jIAPS Creative Competition

jIAPS Creative Competition 2021

First Place: Alexia Beale

“For my project, I researched the Self-Stratification of Bimodal Linear and Star Polymers During the Drying of Thin Films. The sea creatures represent types of polymer and colloidal particles. The top part of the drawing shows the transition between chains of linear polymers to spherical colloidal particles. The next part shows that mixtures of large and small linear polymers (by molecular weight – Mw) stratify with the larger polymer enriched at the surface; whilst with large and small colloidal particles, the smaller particle is enriched at the surface. Our research aims to investigate whether star polymers behave similarly to linear polymers or colloidal particles”.

Second Place: Nassos Nikolaou – “When I grow up”

Third Place: Rashmi Sarwal – “Galaxies Collision”

jIAPS Creative Competition 2020

First Place: Hannah – “The Wall”

The Wall

Where East meets West there lies a wall, 
built by the whims of gormless men. 
The Sun hangs heavy in the sky,
and scrawled messages of love and malice begin to fade. 
When the sky turns grey and the shadows draw long, 
children come to sit back-to-wall. 
Together, they gaze to the stars. 

The wall is an unlikely place for little children. 
At night it is quiet and cool and dark- 
but for thousands of flickering lights up above. 
They came to forget; shielded from the harsh realities of the day,
hiding from the terrors of the place they are supposed to call home. 

Instead, they find comfort here,
tightly nestled in amongst stellar blankets.
Stories weave between the creases,
telling of a time when our forefathers were friends
with those on the other side of the wall.
The Wall

Second Place: Athy – “Skyward Search”

Centuries spent skywards gazing,
Long since our ancestral hands caked with mud
gave way to fingertips glued to keyboards.

The dull glow of laptop fluorescence
could never outshine the burning bulbs up, up above.

From dawn to dusk,
When the lure of our screens loses appeal
where else but in the sky do our haggard eyes find solace?

Deep into the vastness of space,
lies this ancient thrum.
If listened to long enough,
It syncs with our hearts’ rhythm.

Calling us home – to ourselves.
For the insatiable human heart is most comforted,
When in perpetual curiosity of the unknown.

Forever asking and answering questions
about phenomena that long precede us.
And will long outlast us.

It was never about the answer,
it is the thrill of the search that we seek.

Then, dear friends,
May we forever stay searching.

Third Place: Sascha – “Hairy Ball Theorem”

Coloured drawing of planet Earth with an arrow pointing to zero wind speed. There is a hedgehog drawn spinning into a ball above the planet.
Hairy Ball Theorem

The drawing depicts the “Hairy Ball Theorem”, which says that a smooth vector field on a ball is always zero at some point. This has various physical implications, for example you can never comb a hedgehog without having some spikes standing upright and there is always a place on Earth with exactly zero wind speed.    

Highly Commended Work: Stefania

A photograph of a pendulum with a glowing red globe on the left side and a teardrop-shaped flask with water on the right side. In the background is a bookshelf filled with books.

How many times people asked a physicist what exactly a physicist does. And how many times we were not able to communicate the whole Universe we have inside?

Every time we look at something we feel the strongest attraction towards what we are observing: passion, entertainment, wonder.

However, being a scientist is something extremely challenging too. We have to face very difficult moments, in which everything is questioned, including who we really are and what we really want to.

I tried to enclose all of those complex feelings in one picture. 

Our lives are a mixture of books and experiences: a pendulum oscillating between fire and water.

Highly Commended Work: Supriya – “Mandala Art”

A black and white drawing depicting half of a mandala on the right half of the page and five straight, dotted lines coming out from the mandala with different planets at the end.
The art is Mandala art.

I am Supriya Dhakal. I am an undergraduate student of physics from Nepal. I have been trying my hands on Mandala artwork during this lockdown period as a means for combating my stress and anxiety. The literal meaning of Mandala is circle and it is considered to be spiritual in Hinduism and Buddhism.  The first diagram is simply a colourless mandala pattern. The second picture is of Space Mandala art and the third one represents Yin-Yang mandala art. The Yin-Yang symbolises the balance of life that is the two complementary or opposing forces that make up every aspects of life.