Day 7

Make your own Physics-themed Christmas tree decorations with this creative activity submitted by Patrick Raif and Ruben Zerfass. We would love to see photos of your Christmas tree decorations – just message us.

We would like to submit a very creative activity we performed last December to the jIAPS Advent Calendar.

Every year, weeks before Christmas, the student body of the neighbouring chemistry faculty sets up a Christmas tree, which plays Christmas songs all day long. In past years, the physics students liked to displace the Christmas tree as a prank.

This year, we decided to make the Christmas tree even more beautiful. We covered the tree with handicraft cutout PHIs. You can see an image of the Christmas tree, as well as a picture of a selection of some PHI cutouts on my bed. Furthermore, we provide a guide for how to fabricate cutout PHIs so you can prettify your universities as well.