Day 5

Ok, so, did you know there is a place in Honduras where physics laws are strangely violated?

I’m talking about Yoro, which is a region at the north of Honduras, very famous for one reason: IT’S RAINING FISH!!!! Once a year, during late spring and early summer, a powerful storm hits this place, with the unusual characteristic that small fish fall from the sky, supposedly carried by the clouds from the Atlantic ocean which is located more than 70 km (43 miles) away. This is commonly known as “lluvia de peces” meaning “rain of fish” or “aguacero de pescado” (“downpour of fish”), which by itself is a strange phenomenon as you can tell.

This event has baffled scientists for a long time, since watching the fish falling from the sky is not always possible; however, seeing the ground covered by fish after the storm is always a constant. One of the strongest hypotheses is that the fish emerge from underground rivers and are transported everywhere by the flood that occurs in such rain every year. Still, many inhabitants are more than happy to believe that fish eventually fall from the sky, and they have arranged many traditions around it through generations.