Day 33

Omkar Pachori has shared a description of ‘Krishna’.


Krishna has multiple names including ‘Vasudev’ (one who resides in every being and everything) and ‘Hari’ (one who takes away all the pain and suffering). He is one of the Avatars of ‘Paramatma Vishnu’.  Now, I didn’t say ‘God’ or ‘Lord’ because in the English language there isn’t a word which is a direct translation of ‘paramatma’ (it roughly means transcended soul or the first soul that gave birth to other souls). We believe that he is the start of us, he maintains us and he is the end of us.

The image shown in the post depicts our Lord Krishna protecting the villagers from ‘Gokul’ by lifting an entire mountain to make an umbrella. The villagers took shelter inside the lifted mountain until the storm calmed down and no one was hurt.

There is a famous quote: ‘Hari Anant Hari Katha Ananta’ (Hari is Infinite and His tales are infinity). We believe that the world famous ‘Gita’ was dictated by Krishna himself in order to guide humanity towards Saintience.