Day 20

Fabiola CL has shared the Mexican tradition of breaking a piñata at Christmas time. We’d like to hear about your seasonal traditions – just message us and we’ll feature some on our website. 

In Mexico, breaking a piñata is a tradition held during Christmas festivities. The classic piñata has a seven-pointed star form, each cone representing one of the deadly sins. The religious meaning of breaking it is renouncing the deadly sins so that one can receive Jesus. 

A piñata is normally a clay pot covered with bright-colored paper. The content can vary but generally, it consists of candy and sometimes pieces of fruit. 

In order to break it, people take turns hitting it with a stick while being blindfolded. Usually, the children are the first to participate to make sure the game lasts the longest time possible. At the end, when the piñata finally breaks, the content is scattered on the ground and people rush to pick up the treats.