Day 13

We have two short contributions today: Gabriel Maynard, IAPS Vice-President, has shared photos of Tamal, a traditional Costa Rican food, and Thara Caba, IAPS Secretary, has sent a photo of ‘Christmas as at the Theatre’ at the Dominican National Theatre.

This food is of pre-Hispanic origin, from the Mesoamerican region. Each country has its own version, here we will only cover the Costa Rican one, which consists of pieces of pork, carrots, rice, sweet chili, among other additional ingredients such as plums. All this is embedded in a corn dough that will later be wrapped in the plantain palm leaf (clearly the leaves are cooked and cleaned before). Finally, they are thrown into a pot with hot water and allowed to cook for a few hours until they are ready. This is a typical dish that marks the beginning of the Christmas season in Costa Rica.