iaps2CERN 2015

Update, 22/03/15, 22:00

Registrations for iaps2CERN 2015 are now closed. We received a fantastic interest from countries ranging from India, to Algeria, Brazil, USA and Europe! This year promises to be one with a fantastic mix!

We can now announce that the expected list of facilities that we will visit will be:

  • Synchrocyclotron
  • ATLAS Visitor Centre
  • Magnet test Facility SM18
  • CMS Service Cavern + CMS Surface Exhibition
  • Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Payload Operation Controll Centre
  • CERN Control Centre

This is not finilized, but it already promises to make our visit an outstanding one! Also, since the LHC will re-start in the last week of March, we can expect to have some fresh comments from researchers about the exciting work they are doing!

For any information, please contact francesco.sciortino@iaps.info.


Hello and welcome to the iaps2CERN 2015 page!

Once again, we are ready to launch our annual visit to CERN, the European Center of Nuclear Research!

As in previous editions of this trip, we will explore the world of particle physics in Geneva (Switzerland) and we invite applications from all our members around the globe.

This year’s tour will start on the 20th of April and will run for 4 days (please notice the change from our previous announcement)We will be staying at the Geneva Youth Hostel, which we know to be excellent! On the 21st and 22nd, we will be visiting a set of exhibitions and experiments. Possible destinations will be:

  • Synchrocyclotron (fancy new itinerary focussing on historical aspects and the technique of synchro cyclotrons)
  • LEIR (Low Energy Ion Ring – first accumulating accelerator for lead ions)
  • CC (CERN’s Computer Centre)
  • CCC (CERN Control Center, where all accelerators are controlled from)
  • AMS POCC (Control Center of the AMS detector, which is situated at the International Space Station)
  • SM18 (Magnet Test Facility – where all magnets used in the LHC were built together and tested)
  • AVC (ATLAS Visitor Centre – from here, you can look into the control room of the LHC ATLAS experiment)
  • AD (Antiproton Decelerator)
  • COMPASS (research on the proton’s spin)

We will confirm our selection of facilities closer to the trip’s time.

We will be having breakfasts at the Youth Hostel and lunches at the CERN restaurant, where we will be able to talk to CERN researchers and engineers. Dinners will be in Geneva, giving us the opportunity to visit the city! Of course, we will also have a small set of talks especially given for us!

On April 23rd, we also hope to visit the United Nations office of Geneva. Our group will be able to see the historical palaces of the League of Nations, explore the rooms where the most important global agreements on human rights are made and ask questions to qualified guides. Participants will be come back to the Youth Hostel after this visit and will be able to leave at any point during the afternoon/evening.

Registration will be open from December 1st, from 13:00 (CET). We expect to accept a maximum number of 8 students from each member country, and no more than 4 from the same university. Remember that the aim of this visit is also to get to know students from other backgrounds!

The total cost of the trip will be 100 euros for members, which includes accommodation, the cost of the visit of the UN offices, transport in Geneva and to CERN, plus some IAPS-related material. This is the very cheapest offer that you could find!

If you are not from a country or area represented by an IAPS national or local committee (you can check this in the NC and LC pages on this website), you can still take part by becoming an individual member by following the instructions found here. For any questions regarding memberships, please email members@iaps.info).

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with the organisers, please write to francesco.sciortino@iaps.info.


Go to CERN with IAPS!

iaps2cern 2015 Organising Committee