Organize an event

Organising events is a big part of running a students’ association, as these are essential for promoting cooperation and friendship between members, as well as creating and maintaining a dynamic social and academic environment.

We at IAPS are invested in supporting events run by our members, so we offer a wide range of grants for a variety of events, the specifics of which can be found on their respective pages on this website:

  • IMAP – joint projects between member committees
  • IAPS Exchange Grant – exchange programmes
  • School Day Grant – IAPS’s main international outreach effort
  • IAPS Light Grant – participation in UNESCO’s education-promoting International Day of Light
  • IAPS Outreach Grant – Outreach activities
  • Collaboration Grant – projects organised in cooperation with members of other international students’ associations

These grants cover most activities that are generally of interest to member committees, but IAPS is also available for supporting other ways of engaging the Physics students’ community and, therefore, encourages the creativity and innovative spirit of its members.

If you are insterested specifically in organising an excursion, you can find information and useful tips on the Excursion How to Guide.

If you are part of a newly formed National or Local Committee or you want to revive your Physics student community, you can also learn how a National Conference of Physics Students can be organised in this National Conference How to Guide.

If you or your committee are interested in organising an event yourselves, get in contact with the IAPS Events Manager through, so the EC can help you plan it more thoroughly and you can trust you’re on your way to a successful activity. In this e-mail contact, whenever possible, relevant information about the event you’re planning you already possess should be presented, most importantly:

  • An introduction of the organising committee
  • A brief layout of your idea, including the target participants
  • A draft of your activity’s plan
  • A rough estimate of the budget

When organising an event, keep in mind that the IAPS Terms and Conditions and the IAPS Code of Conduct must be followed and, to that effect, have to be included in the registration process for participants’ awareness.