jIAPS 2021 Editor Team

The 2021 Editor team:

Pallavi Punj, Editor-in-Chief of jIAPS

I am an undergrad physics student at Amity University, Noida, India. My favourite branch of physics is a tie between Quantum and Optics. I plan to do my masters in these areas. Apart from studying, I engage my creative side in artwork or extracurricular activities like being an Editor! I also enjoy working with NGOs for the welfare of animals and the environment.

It was a pleasure to work alongside my colleagues on the editorial board. It was a great experience overall and I wish them the best!

Gabriel Maynard, Co-Editor of jIAPS

I’m a physics student at the University of Costa Rica, currently working in ​​atmospheric physics and the development of instruments with free hardware. What I like the most about this area is the field work, going to where physics happens and seeing it first hand. Outside of university I like to go camping, discover new landscapes and also cook. Since I joined IAPS I have loved the community and all the work that is done to benefit students around the world. It is because of this and my editorial colleagues that working at jIAPS 2021 has been a wonderful experience.

Maria Villamarin, Co-Editor of jIAPS

Hola! I’m an undergraduate Physics student at Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador. I love reading, singing, and writing. At jIAPS, I found an opportunity to get started in the editorial world and to collaborate with an amazing group of people from different countries. After finishing my degree, I would like to continue my studies in Medical Physics.

Rabin baral, Co-Editor of jIAPS

I have completed my Master’s Degree in Physics, from St. Xavier’s College, Kathmandu, Nepal. This experience was a journey that will be forever etched in my memory. I am currently working as a Research Fellow in the field of Solar Physics. I enjoy painting and playing football. I have always been deeply fascinated by astrophysics and astronomy-related fields. I believe science communication needs to be more than just the technical details; it should mitigate the gap between scientists and the general public. I would like to thank every individual who made this journal possible; it’s been an absolute pleasure working with the jIAPS editorial team.

Zlatan Vasović, Co-Editor of jIAPS

I am studying theoretical and experimental physics at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. My research interests are mostly interdisciplinary, such as biophysics and astrobiology. Besides science, I also like old movies, music, journalism and politics. Working on jIAPS is a unique experience for me, as it combines my diverse interests and allows me to express myself creatively.

Thara Caba, Co-Editor of jIAPS

I amI am currently in my senior year of my bachelor in physics at Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Besides physics, I love movies, books and expressing my creativity which is why I loved working on jIAPS so much. I hope I can continue my studies and specialize in astroparticle physics.