ICPS Worldwide Grant


The International Association of Physics Students (IAPS) invites you, an academically gifted and deserving student, currently undertaking studies in physics or related disciplines at your faculty, to submit an application for the ICPS Worldwide Grant! You will be given the chance to attend the International Conference of Physics Students (ICPS), an event held every year in August.

This is a conference that has been held in a different city or country annually since 1986 with hundreds of participants attending each year. The participation is a great chance to learn about physics in an international context and to establish connections to fellow students from around the world. The ICPS consists of every scientific conference of guest lectures of renowned physicists, student lectures by the participants, and a poster session. Besides the academic programme, the ICPS puts great effort into intercultural dialogue and community, thus having various social events and cultural events. These include the infamous Nations’ Evening, where the participants are expected to show the cuisine of their home. It is also the host of the Annual General Meeting of IAPS, and several workshops centered around subjects that interest the physics student community.

Scope. IAPS is willing to support the student with up to €1000, which includes the conference fee and up to 80% of reasonable travel costs (e.g. definitely including visa fees, probably not including taxi fares). The rest of the travel expenses and fees should be provided by other means or by the student themselves. The conference fee can be paid to the organizing committee directly if receipts for the travel are provided to the IAPS EC within one month after the award of the grant.

The grant will be post-financed, which means the costs will be reimbursed after the conference. IAPS will not reimburse any loss due to external conditions, such as not getting a visa. We strongly advise not to make expenses before acquiring the necessary visa, if applicable.

Application. Students meeting the following criteria may apply:

  • Student of physics or related discipline (at any stage of study)
  • Preferably holding a good academic record
  • Preferably involved in a physics society and possessing good lecturing skills
  • Not having received the Worldwide Grant before

Applications must be sent by email, to grants@iaps.info. All of the documents must be sent in English, which is the working language of IAPS and the conference. The documents for each point below must be sent as a single, separate PDF file. If a translation is made for a document, the original in the initial language must be included in the same PDF file. The name in [bold] following each point is the filename that must be used for the PDF file.

The application must include:

  • Letter of motivation from the student:
  • Transcript of study records:
  • Student’s curriculum vitae (CV) or resume with supporting documents:
  • Scan of passport:
  • Recommendation letter from a senior university staff member:
  • Preliminary abstract for the student lecture that will be presented at ICPS:
  • Any available documents certifying financial background (optional):

If any of the above documents are missing or are not as requested, the application will not be considered. (If no documents relevant to financial background are available that point can be omitted.)

Email treasurer@iaps.info with questions at any stage.

Successful applicants can be announced publicly, with their permission.

Awarding. A maximum of one grant is available, and the application is competitive. Priority will be given to students with financial hardship. The selection of the winning applicant, and the award of the grant, is made at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Up to €1 000 will be paid out in total, to cover only up to 80% of the travel fees reasonably incurred, and the conference fee if it was not paid directly to the organisers. Money will only be paid after receipts for all travel expenses which are claimed by the applicant are sent to IAPS. If the applicant does not furnish IAPS with proper receipts, or does not provide a valid bank account, IAPS may deem the grant to have been forfeited. If the applicant does not abide by the restrictions given here (see Restrictions, below), IAPS may decide to withdraw the grant.

The decision of the IAPS Executive Committee shall be final.


  • The applicant must properly register for the conference at the designated website, which includes becoming a member of IAPS if the applicant is not already.
  • The applicant must present a student lecture at the conference, with the topic related to physics.
  • The applicant must attend the entirety of the conference, including the Annual General Meeting and IAPS workshops.
  • IAPS reserves the right to withhold or withdraw part or all of the grant in the case of any fraud, intentional falsification, breach of the IAPS Code of Conduct or the event Terms and Conditions, or criminal activity on the part of the winner, or runners-up if any, during the application, the event or the reimbursement process.

the Executive Committee of
the International Association of Physics Students – IAPS

ICPS 2021 will be held online from August 6 to 9, 2021 from Copenhagen, Denmark. For more information, check out the event website.